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June 28, 2016

Welcome to the Wayne Central Alumni Web Site, which was started in November 1997. The purpose of this Web Site is to provide an on-line gathering point for alumni to read alumni news, get reunion information, contact each other, post a bio, photo, or link to a personal website. There are also quite a few photos that have been scanned from yearbooks posted in various pages here. Hopefully you'll find it enjoyable and useful for keeping in touch with your former classmates.

If anyone would like to submit any information to be included on this site, or would like to add class specific information, contact: Brian Donovan.

Alumni News and Info

Wayne Central Alumni News and Info

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Annual Wayne Basketball Alumni Game


We are hoping everyone can join us again for the 8th annual Wayne Basketball Alumni Game, which is set for Saturday, January 2, 2016,@ 11:00 am at the High School. Games and teams will be set up similar to last year so there will be time to rest and socialize inbetween games.
A $10 Donation will go to the Connor Burns Ideal Teammate Scholarship, established five years ago to honor the memory of Connor, who passed away in 2009. This donation will also help fund the Kyle Stewart memorial scholarship as well. Kyle passed away late in 2014.
We hope you can all join us to honor and remember both of these fine young men. Money will be collected that day.
Please respond as soon as possible to let us know if you will be joining us.
Respond here or text John Cotsonas at 585-737-5304.
This is helpful so we can have a general idea of teams before game day! Also, PLEASE pass this info along to any other basketball alumni- we know there are many others out there who may want to play or just come and visit with old friends! Tell them to join this group.


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Wayne Girls Soccer to Play for Section V Class A Title

The Wayne Girls Soccer team defeated Mercy and advances to the Section V Class A title game vs. Brighton on Tuesday. Game is at Webster Schroeder at 5PM (according to WROC).


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Wayne Teacher/Coach Dave Marean Recognized

Coach Marean recognized by Coaches Who Care.

Full article Here




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Who Remembers James A Beneway?

I got an email from a parent of current Wayne students, who asked about James A. Beneway. Since he has been gone prior to the creation of the internet, it is probably not surprising not much is online.

I know some of the history of why his name is attached to the high school, but maybe others are better qualified to tell that story. I did have a personal recollection of when I met him. In 1971, I was 15 and studying to be able to pass the FCC Amateur Radio Novice exam. In those days, the test for the beginners license was administered by current FCC license holders of a higher grade license. My friend Ed Fisher, advised me to contact Mr. Beneway, as he gave Ed the test years earlier. A bit intimidating, calling the guy up whose name is on the high school you are attending. So I gave him a call, and we set up an evening to take the morse code test. If I passed that, the FCC would send the written test and we would schedule another evening.

My Dad took me over. I think they knew each other slightly. I don't really recall the two separate visits, but I passed both sections. I remember thinking he had a cool house. His parents lived in an old farm house in front, and he had built a new house behind theirs. It was a modern looking design, not what you would expect of a farmers house. His ham station was in the back of the house on the ground floor. I was enthralled by his station. At the time, I probably had two small receivers, he had two walls full.

Jim Beneway

That was the only time I recall meeting him. He was helpful, but I seem to get the feeling he was a busy man. I was saddened to hear that he was ill, and then passing shortly after. I have this photo that another ham from Rochester sent me. This was probably taken around 1971 +/-, as it looks exactly how I remember it.

So who else remembers?


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Celebration Honoring Bob Biviano


It's official! We are having a musical celebration to honor Bob Biviano! It's a karaoke night at Brookwoods Country Club, May 22nd, starting at 7PM. Come prepared to belt out some Broadway!
Help spread the word, please, to any and all who might like to join us!

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