Wayne Soccer Hall of Fame Inductees

Congratulations to the first inductees to the Wayne Central Soccer Hall of Fame:

  • Al Gentile
  • Bernie Porray
  • Chuck Imhoff
  • Tom Gentile – ’70
  • Kevin Hill – ’71
  • Chris Collins – ’74

Thanks to the Wayne Central Soccer Alumni – especially Jay Marino, Kyle Hegedorn, Rick Lang, Roger Hansen.

3 thoughts on “Wayne Soccer Hall of Fame Inductees

  1. How about adding women to the list? I nominate Terry Febree class of 1977. She was the best women’s soccer player I’ve ever seen.

  2. Is this a MEN ONLY Hall of Fame? If not, there are plenty of females equally deserving of recognition. During the Gentile era there was considerable incentive and reward for male participants; however, their athletically-inclined female counterparts were encouraged to cheerlead for the guys rather than play the sport themselves. I, for one, applaud the pioneers of Title IX.

  3. We would love to add women to the Hall of Fame. This is definately not a Men’s Soccer only idea. We ask often for feedback and help from alumi in the selection process and thus far have not received any women who are interested in joining the selection group. If interested please email me.

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