New Alumni Directory Established

Website Updates

For many various good reasons, we are starting over with the alumni directory.  Here is how to add yourself:

  • New Alumni Directory Available (now called Class Directory)
  • As of Dec. 20, 2016 11PM, there are only two names in it.
  • If you register on this site, you will be added
  • Click the Register Link on Upper right sidebar (next to Log in button).
  • Fill out form (some fields required, some not)
  • Submit and wait for activation email.
  • Activation Email will have [] in subject and be from Brian Donovan (as of now)
  • Click on link in activation email.
  • To see your listing, go to Home page and Log in.
  • Go to the Class Directory area on Right Hand Sidebar.
  • Select your class and click Search.
  • View your class listings.
  • Click on your Username to Edit/Change Password/Add Photo/etc