Looking For Alumni to Post Site Content

Sorry for the lack of new posts the last few months, just been awfully busy. I’m still looking for people who might want to create and add content occasionally for this site. It is quite simple using the system we have in place. I would just have to provide logins and probably point you to a short video on how to use it (if you’d even need it).

This is the type of content that would be nice to have people contribute:

  • Alumni News – can be just about anything of interest to all or some sub-group of alumni
  • Photos – same thing, yearbooks, reunions, old photos, etc
  • School History – if anyone would like to author some articles about school history that could appear sporadically, that would be nice
  • Sports – occasional reports on current school teams
  • What’s New at the Schools – how things have changed

If anyone is interested, you can contact me (minus spaces) at: b d o n o v a 1 (at) r o c h e s t e r . r r . c o m