Yearbook Picture of the Week

I had the pleasure of hanging out with a few of the old folks from the Class of 1973 a couple weeks ago, and Pat Runne was telling a story of an interesting event he was involved in many years ago.  He mentioned several names of people he was with, and I recognized all of the names. Then he said John Benefield, and I thought to myself, wait I know that name.  It is a name I probably haven’t heard of thought of in over 40 years and I couldn’t remember who it was.  Not wanting to interrupt Pat during his story, I tried to remember for a couple minutes but then gave up.

Next day, I was doing something and all of a sudden John Benefield’s face popped into my head.  Not sure why I didn’t remember the night before, but probably just because it had been so long.  He was maybe two years ahead of me, and I think I can recall him from back in elementary school, as he threw a dodge ball like Nolan Ryan.

Anyway, this was the only picture I could find of him in any high school yearbook I have.  Wonder where he is today.

From 1972 Wayne Eagle Page 150
From 1972 Wayne Eagle Page 150

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